From the Cairn Ban Archives... 

The Cobber in all its Alpine Glory

Doug Collinson, 18 December 2011

Hi all, it was late on Saturday night and I was sitting thinking last about the last few presents to buy and the hoards of shoppers when Billy's text came through... ‘Cracking weather forecasted – let’s go for a walk!’ It didn't take long to convince me and the plan was formulated pretty quickly to leave town at 5:30 and get to the top of the Cobbler for sunrise taking in central gully on the way.

A few texts later and a crowd was 8 strong... (there are obviously a few other idiots willing to get up at that time!)

It was cold in the morning when the crowd gathered in the car park and on leaving it felt and looked like an alpine start with the tiredness refusing to leave me and the head torches strung out along the snowy path.

Eddie and Charles run up to the summit under moonlight in just over an hour leaving the rest of us to walk in at a leisurely pace.

As the sun rose it lit the westerly slopes in a stunning crimson light. As we got closer we could see there had been a sizable avalanche down the one of the adjacent gullies so we decided to stick to the tourist path as the snow became pretty slabby the higher we got.

All in all it was a top day enjoyed by all.

Cheers for now.