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 Members' reports 2021-22 




12 September 

1-3 October

28 November


4 January

16 January

30 January

6 March

1 April

3 April

1 May

13-15 May



Club Sunday 

Club weekend

Club Sunday

Turkey Buster

Club Sunday

Club Sunday

Club Sunday


Club Sunday

Club Sunday

Club weekend



Ben Lui

Basecamp Hostel, Skye: The Saddle, Sgurr na Sgine; Beinn Sgritheall; Glamaig; A'Glas Bheinn

Ben Vorlich

Ben Cleuch, Ben Ever, Andrteww Gannell Hill (Ochils)

Ben Lawers, Bheinn Glas

Hudderstone (Southern Uplands)

Stob Gabhar

Old Library, Kilbarchan

Stob Garbh

Blairdenon Hill

Fort William Youth Hostel: Sgurr Coinnich Mor; Carn Mor Dearg, CMD Arete, Ben Nevis; Beinn Bhan

John McGill, 12 September 2021

Great to get out on a Club Sunday after such a long time. Ben Lui today, a wee bit damp & as expected it cleared on way down.

21-09-12 Ben Lui McKie 07.jpg

Stuart Mckie, Skye weekend, 1-3 October 2021

After a long and testing period for all of us the first post COVID club weekend took place at a very familiar location, the always challenging Isle of Skye. On this occasion we ventured away from our usual hostels and took up residence in the ‘Skye Basecamp Climber’s Hostel’ in Broadford.

Overall opinion was very good. Kitchen facilities were excellent and rooms came mostly with en suite bathrooms. The lounge and eating areas were ideal for socialising after a day on the hill.

We also found out that the fire alarm was excellent and functional too !!

Unfortunately the weather forecast was truly horrendous and any plans for climbs in the Cuillins were abandoned. As usual the group came up with viable safe options but optimism was not high for Saturday.

On Friday night we all caught up with old pals, discussed plans and had a few beers. COVID may have separated us for a while but nothing had really changed and we all really just picked up where we had left off. Who would have thought February 2020 at Glenfeshie would have been our last club weekend for a long time. It was great to be back !

21-10-03 Skye Bloomfield 03.jpg
21-10-03 Skye McKie 05.jpg

Saturday morning surprised us all. The weather gods were smiling on us and the rain had mercifully stopped.
A group headed off to Glen Shiel and had a dry cold day on The Saddle and Sgurr na Sgine, whilst another group made their way to Arnisdale and climbed Beinn Sgritheall in glorious weather being rewarded with fabulous views. Nearer Basecamp we had a group climb the Corbett Glamaig again in very acceptable conditions. Our final two groups stayed low with a coastal walk from Glen Brittle and a ten mile circular walk visiting the abandoned villages of Boreraig and Suisnish.

At the completion of the days activities we all returned to Basecamp delighting in our good fortune with the weather. A great day out had by all.

Our usual evening followed with good food and a (good) few drinks. The highlight of the evening was the recognition of Catherine compleating her Munro round on An Teallach earlier in the year. We toasted her achievement with a few bottles of champagne……..congratulations to the latest Cairn Ban Munroist.

21-10-03 Skye Bloomfield 02.jpg
21-10-03 Skye McKie 10.jpg
21-10-03 Skye McKie 21.jpg


As if to make a point, the weather returned with a vengeance on Sunday and most decided to return home via a few coffee shops.

Not to be put off a group decided to take on Beinn Sgritheall and by all accounts got absolutely battered and soaked………they still made it to the top, great effort guys!! John maintained his quest for a second round by soloing up A’ Ghlas Bheinn and like the other group had a very tough day. Yet another sterling effort.

Considering none of us were particularly optimistic about the weekend, we all managed to achieve some or all of our goals.

Overall it was a weekend to catch up with old friends, to climb a few hills, to enjoy a few walks and sink a few beers, but more than that, to appreciate the bond that holds us all together as Cairn Ban members. Here’s to an end to pandemics and a return to getting back out on the hills.

Great weekend !

Alex Haken, 10 October 2021

Carn an Fhidhleir and An Sgarsoch today from Linn of Dee. Flipping huge day - even with bikes.

21-10-10 Carn an Fhidhleir Haken 01.jpg

Alex Haken, 14 November 2021


First time I have ever camped above the clouds! On top of Mam Sodhail last night. Fantastic sunset! One of the best…

21-11-14 Mam Sodhail Haken 02.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 28 November 2021

Cracking walk up Ben Vorlich from Ardlui. Biting cold wind mixed with blue skies and snow. The perfect combination.

21-11-28 Ben Vorlich Bloomfield 08.jpg

Alex Haken, 17 December 2021

Sunset on Braeriach tonight.

Ps. If anyone ever sees me wearing summer boots on a winter day again, please give me a hard slap! The summit ridge was bullet hard snow/ice with serious consequences from a slip. Me stupidly believing the weather forecast of 11 deg C today decided not to take any winter gear! I nominate myself for the Horses Arse award after doing it regardless…. Idiot….

21-12-17 Braeriach Haken 01.jpg

John McGill, 4 January 2022

Ben Cleuch in Ochills today. Associated hills Ben Ever & Andrew Gannel Hill

22-01-04 Ben Cleuch McGill 03.jpg

Sheena McKie, 16 January 2022

Five out today on Ben Lawers and Bheinn Ghlas. Cracking day with a right chilly wind up top.

22-01-16 Ben Lawers McKie 09.jpg

John McGill, 30 January 2022

Managed a wee walk in the Southern Uplands with Iain Kent. The Donald called Hudderstone was our destination & we managed a good walk in good conditions.

22-01-30 Hudderston McGill 03.jpg

Jamie Wright, 8 February 2022

Dorsal Arête. Glencoe . Thanks again to Alex leading us up on a proper cold day

22-02-08 Dorsal Arete Wright 05.jpg

Alex Haken, 4 March 2022

Great day out on Ben Nevis ice!

22-03-04 Ben Nevis Haken 01.jpg

Stuart McKie, Stob Ghabhar, 6 March 2022

Some days are just great but this was an absolute pleasure, thanks for a great day everyone.....I'm shattered right enough! 

Iain Kent wrote: Great day out in the mountains with great company. That’s what you call a Cairn Ban Mountaineering Club day out!

22-03-06 Stob Gabhar Mckie 10.jpg

Alex Haken, Creag Meagaidh, 19 March 2022


Night out tonight Creag Meggie

22-03-19 Creag Meagaidh Haken 04.jpg

Jamie Wright, Agag's Groove, 28 March 2022

Couldn’t have asked for better conditions on Agags Groove . Grade V-Diff . Tough climbing with the winter bag . A lovely hearty meal at the Clachaig afterwards .

22-03-28 Agags Groove Wright 02.jpg

Sheena McKie, Stob Garbh, 3 April 2022

a shortish day to the Munro top Stob Garbh. Managed down dry before the rain arrived.

22-04-03 Stob Garbh McGill 03.jpg

Alex Haken, Stob a’Choire Mheadhoin, 10 April 2022

Stob a’Choire Mheadhoin and Easain. Started out a bit grey but brightened up in the afternoon

22-04-10 Stob a’Choire Mheadhoin Haken 05.jpg

Alex Haken, Meall Glas, 16 April 2022

Meall Glas and Sgaith Chuil today. They have to be up there for the ‘boggiest munros’ award. Won’t be rushing back to do them again….

22-04-16 Meall Glas Haken 01.jpg

Sheena Mckie, Dalwhinnie to Drymen wild camp trek, , 18 - 25 April 2022

22-04-25 Dalwhinnie to Drymen McKie 05.jpg
22-04-25 Dalwhinnie to Drymen McKie 11.jpg
22-04-25 Dalwhinnie to Drymen McKie 18.jpg

Great weather for our trip.

Bus to Dalwhinnie (£1 Old persons ticket ) but it drops you off on the A9 and it’s a bit of a walk into the town itself.

The new entry point to the Alder estate, can’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s five mins away at the garage who charge £3 per day for parking which is fair and it adds no time at all to your day. Much to do about nothing really !

First three days were tough at times and we saw not a soul.

From Glencoe picked up the WHW and wound our way home.

6 nights 7 days. Feet feeling it today.

22-04-25 Dalwhinnie to Drymen McKie 19.jpg
22-04-25 Dalwhinnie to Drymen McKie 28.jpg
22-04-25 Dalwhinnie to Drymen McKie 24.jpg

John McGill, Blairdenon Hill, 1 May 2022

Blairdenon Hill in the Ochills today. Davy Gray, Stas & I out today.

22-05-01 Blairdenon Hill McGill 01.jpg

John McGill, Skye, 8 May 2022

Great day in Skye, Am Basteir & Basteir’s tooth made for a great day out.

22-05-08 Am Basteir McGill 01.jpg
Latest report

Alex Haken, Cairngorms, 8 May 2022

A very late decision on Saturday to head out solo and bag some Cairngorm Munro’s. Left Linn of Dee at 3pm and did Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor via White Bridge. Camped at Loch Nan Stuirteag and then today climbed Angel’s peak, Cairn Toul and Devils point. A quick stop for lunch at Corrour both and then took a superb scramble straight up from Corrour to the summit of Carn a Mhaim. 700mt ascent in about 45mins. The hardest part of the route was the soul-destroying walk back out from Derry Lodge today! 6-down, 70-something left to go…

22-05-08 Cairngorms Haken 07.jpg

Club Weekend, Glen Nevis, 13-15 May 2022

A small but select band gathered at Glen Nevis Youth Hostel for this year's may weekend. I have to say, a great place to stay: modern and purpose-built with en-suite bedrooms, great drying room and kitchen, and all the space you'd ever want to eat and socalise in. You can even buy a pint if you can't be bothered to walk the 50 yards down the road to the pub. ...and the location, of course!

So, Saturday dawned and one group went up the glen to climb Sgurr Coinnich Mor...

22-05-15 Glen Nevis McGill 09.jpg
22-05-15 Glen Nevis McGill 07.jpg
22-05-15 Glen Nevis McGill 10.jpg

Iain Kent wrote: Great day with John McGill and Davy on Sgurr Choinnich Mor yesterday. Highlight of the day was John and Davy debating the best way up and down the hill for about 4 hours



... while another group headed across the river to climb the Ben via the CMD Arete.

22-05-15 Glen Nevis McKie 02.jpg
22-05-15 Glen Nevis Burek 03.jpg

Sheena McKie wrote: Saturday was a great day but very challenging in the conditions and tough climbing up to Carn Mor Dearg then via the exposed arête onto the summit of Ben Nevis. There was still 3-4 inches of snow on the summit and very cold. A total of a nine and a half hour day.

Stas Burek: Some scary ridge! No views though - don't know if it would have made it better or worse. Thanks to George for leading the way, and all for the company. Wow - really tough day!!!

George Hamilton: Cracking days walking with Stas, Sue & Sheena. Carn Mor Dearg & the Carn Mor Dearg arete on Ben Nevis. My legs generally tell me if I've had a good hard day on the hills, the fact that I'm currently going downstairs backwards is a good indication that it was a cracker. Steep climbing, good scrambling, if you're ever asked what retired grannies do for fun, it's not the first thing that comes to mind. Now that I'm down the stairs F knows how I'm going to get back up, you can have the bed to yourself dearest, I'll sleep here on the sofa.

22-05-15 Glen Nevis McKie 03.jpg

Some went home after Saturday's adventures, but others climbed the Corbett Beinn Bhan as a 'warm-down', Davy went to check out a possible bothy, and John headed up Cairn Mor Dearg to bag the tops on the way to the Ben!

Another successful event for those who were there!

22-05-15 Glen Nevis Burek 01.jpg

John McGill, Glen Affric, 6 June 2022

Fab weekend in Glen Affric. Friday evening walk in to Altbeith. Saturday up onto the ridge over An Socach, Mam Sodhall (diversion for it’s two Munro tops), Carn Eighe & out along the ridge towards Tom a Choinnich, camping on top 1131. Sunday morning woke to a great inversion. Continued along the ridge to Tom & Toll. Jamie & Andy added on the remote Beinn Fiondlaidh & missed the two diversion Munro tops.

22-06-06 Glen Affric McGill 01.jpg

Alex Haken, 11 August 2022

Summit camp on top of Braigh Coire Chruinn Bhalgain tonight. Lovely!

22-08-11 Braigh Coire Chruinn Bhalgain Kaken 04.jpg

Alex Haken, 4 September 2022

Bynack Mor today from the Ciste car park and loop back via the summit of Cairngorm, although couldn’t see much in the pishing rain….. waterproofs on all day…. I hate the bit between summer and winter….

22-09-04 Bynack Mor Haken 01.jpg
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