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 Members' reports 2020-21 

Due to the COVID pandemic, all regular Club trips and outings had to be cancelled for the 2020-21 season. This page contains reports of members' own outings, showing how they kept themselves going during this unreal and difficult period.

Sheena Mckie, Assynt, 28 September 2020

A few days camping in Lochinver and climbing Conival and Ben More Assynt. Wander around Achmelvich beach too........bracing !

20-09-28 Assynt McKie 01.jpg

John McGill, 28 September 2020

Sgurr Eilde Mor, Binnien Beag, Binnien Mor & top Sgurr Eilde Beag. in Mamores on Sunday. Fab day, hopefully not the last of the good weather.

20-09-28 Eastern Mamores McGill 02.jpg

Sheena Mckie, 5 October 2020

Lovely couple of days in Boat of Garten.

Ben Wyvis today....followed the weather, dry, sunny at times but cold and windy at the summit.

We used our wee shelter at the top to have lunch....very cosy.

Visited the Rogie falls on the way back, which were very spectacular today.

20-10-05 Ben Wyvis McKie 07.jpg

Stuart Mckie, 6 December 2020

Today we headed to the Campsies (needs must) to do Cort-ma Law. It’s a good circular four hour walk. Tantalising glimpses of the bigger hills. Nice couple of spots for a coffee and with no wind it was very pleasant indeed.

Great to get out for a leg stretch and dream of more adventurous days ahead.

20-12-06 Cort-ma Law McKie 03.jpg

Sheena Mckie, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year to everyone. We had a lovely day out at Dumgoyne. Very icy on the way up could have done with crampons so decided to skirt around the side and onto the Earl's seat.

Snow deep in places.

Stunning views of the Arrocher alps, Ben Lomond and Ailsa craig.

Cold up top with the wind chill but great to get the legs stretched a bit.

21-01-01 Dumgoyne McKie 06.jpg

Paul Prior, 12 January 2021

Great day to walk the Kilpatricks - Duncolm, Whangie and down the Slacks. This is like my weekly wander now. Ascent of 900m but in lots of little hills. All the snow seems to have gone from Ben Lomond now.

21-01-12 Kilpatrick Hills Prior 01.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 31 January 2021

Another epic mountain ascent in East Ayrshire yesterday. Starting at Loch Doon, we reached the heady height of 523m’s, conquering the marylin Craiglee. Ferocious wind chill made the going tough on our 12 mile expedition.

21-01-31 Craiglee Bloomfield 03.jpg

Sheena Mckie, 11 February 2021

‘Once more unto the Campsies dear friends’..........well actually Cort ma Law from Clachan of Campsie. Some of the most difficult conditions we have walked in. Two foot deep creme brûlée for most of the route made it hard work. Brilliant day to be out just the same

21-02-11 Cort ma Law McKie 10.jpg

Sheena Mckie, 26 February 2021

Completed our exploration of the Campsie Fells by ascending the escarpment via Black Craig to Slackdhu. Would never have climbed all these local hills and routes if it wasn’t for Covid. Paid a visit to the other Whangie above Strathblane on the way down. We had a great day!

21-02-26 Campsies McKie 03.jpg

Stuart Mckie, 1 March 2021

We have walked past the crag at Dunglas for years but as part of our boredom tour we gave it a look today. An easy scramble to the top for lunch then a look at the climbing routes on the face. We found a few top rope bolts in place and plenty of fixed anchor points too.

Have to say it looked horribly loose and wet and probably beyond our ability but a nice day out just the same.

21-03-01 Dunglas McKie 09.jpg

Mary Contrary 29 March 2021

Not awfully exciting but this was our 'Before The (torrential) Rain' walk on Saturday morning (might be a good name for a scent Alan Wade ?!)

A little hill called Sròn na Ceardaich. The Sròn designates the promontory/nose of the hill of course. Ceardaich is old Gaelic for smithy/forge, which was situated at the southerly bottom of this bleak 'wean' of a hill. There are little traces of a settlement there, like a few caológs as we call them in Gaelic, or 'lazy beds' (I instantly heard Stew's voice as soon as I saw them ) off to the left on way up. And great views of Loch Striven in the distance, taken from the side where there is a golden eagle nesting. And to top things off there is a badger set (see map photo) in the area of old settlement, safe from any disturbance, well off path etc.

21-03-29 Sròn na Ceardaich Howley 01.jpg

Sheena Mckie, 2 April 2021

Running out of routes in the Campsies we decided to climb the Black Craig escarpment onto the summit of Slackdhu picking a route between the crags.

Extremely steep in places with some mild scrambling near the top. Not one for a wet day or with snow but enjoyable just the same. Even managed a bit of sunbathing at the summit

21-04-02 Slackdhu  McKie 09.jpg

Paul Prior, 23 April 2021

Straightforward 6 hour bike/walk round 4 Drumochter Munros to limber up. Left my car at Balsporran and a bike at lay-by 79. Was even back in time for dinner which pleased Ann! The view of Loch Ericht from the first hill was spectacular. Met a few folk getting rid of their lockdown blues!

21-04-23 Drumochter Prior 01.jpg

John McGill, 25 April 2021

Alex, Jamie, Liam & I out yesterday. Ben Starav, it’s 3 tops, Beinn nan Aighenan & Glas Bheinn Mhor. A big day (2100m ascent, 25km) at any time, never mind after a few months lay off. The lay off had its benefits though, with my suggestion of a small diversion to the Ben Starav tops being accepted. Some folks have short memories.

21-04-25 Ben Starav McGill 01.jpg

Stas Burek, 29 April 2021

A gentle stroll up Beinn Chabhair to limber up… nearly killed me!

Typical Scottish weather: Warm sunshine, cold wind, rain, hail – all at the same time at one point! Warm jacket on… warm jacket off. Waterproofs on… no, wait to see if the shower passes...

Welcome back!

21-04-29 Beinn Chabhair Burek 02.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 17 May 2021 

There was a good turnout at Muirshiel for Stewart Michie’s memorial walk. What a perfect evening to reminisce with stories and snacks.


Jamie Wright adds: I’ll never forget Stewart , a great man who introduced me properly to climbing and helped me find the bug for it .

21-05-17 Muirshiel Wright 01.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 31 May 2021

Weekend in the Cairngorms cycling into Glen Derry lodge to climb Beinn Mheadhoin in glorious sunshine on Saturday. Then on Sunday cycled in to Geldie Lodge to climb Carn Ealer and An Sgarsoch again in beautiful weather. Camped near Linn of Dee, car pack was mobbed! Thankfully hills were quite quiet. Two long days but worth it.

21-05-31 Cairngorms Bloomfield 10.jpg

Stas Burek, 2 June 2021

Warm summer’s day on Aonach Beag and Aonach Mor yesterday. The car park was pretty busy, but once past the Steall waterfall (which was barely a trickle of its usual self), met six people the whole day.

Despite the sunny weather recently, Aonach Beag was covered in snow – so much so that the summit cairn was buried. There was a real danger of collapsing cornices, so we didn’t want to get anywhere near the edge of the cliff to find it!

Still NO MIDGES! Maybe Covid has killed them off?

21-06-02 The Aonachs Burek 06.jpg

Sheena Mckie, Cairngorms, 16 July 2021

Starting at the Sugarbowl car park we made our way over the Chalamain Gap and down into the Lairig Ghru. After 4hrs.30 mins we arrived at Corrour Bothy where we set up camp a bit tired after carrying big packs on a warm day.

Day two and it’s straight up behind the bothy to reach our first Munro of the day, the Devils Point. Weather was not as good and we were buffeted by strong winds all day, no more so than on our way to Munro no. 2 Cairn Toul. Straightforward pull up to no.3, the Angels Peak.

From there a pleasant walk to no.4 Braeriach. All going well and thoroughly enjoying our day.

The descent from Braeriach is long and seemingly never ending and as the day went on we were feeling the weight of our rucksacks and the effort in our legs but 8hrs 30 mins after leaving Corrour we were back at our car......knackered !!

A brilliant committing trip, one we have wanted to do for a very long time.

21-07-16 Cairngorms McKie 09.jpg
21-07-16 Cairngorms McKie 03.jpg
21-07-16 Cairngorms McKie 16.jpg

Jamie Wright, 19 July 2021

Excellent end to the weekend by an overnight at Glen Nevis camp site due to the road being shut out of Fort William, then climbing up Curved Rdge practicing some rope work and even got a bit of lead climbing done, then pushed onto to Stob na Broige. Excellent weekend and a big thanks to Alex for the lessons.


Overnight camp at Steall meadows then onto the 2 Aonachs battling wind all day. Kept the little biters away though.

21-07-19 Aonachs Wright 02.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 23 July 2021

Douglas and I braved the heat and climbed Sgurr Mor from Loch Arkaig. It was a lovely walk but boy, was it hot! I had never seen liquidised Jelly Babies before. Clegs and midges aplenty at various times of the day.

21-07-23 Sgurr Mor Bloomfield 03.jpg

Jamie Wright, 25 July 2021

Real struggle round the Fisherfields with lack of water

21-07-25 Fisherfields Wright 05.jpg

John McGill, 25 July 2021

Fabulous summit camp on Friday night on west top of Sgùrr nan Ceathreamhnan. It was just too hot for me and it was a tough couple of days walking.

21-07-25 Sgùrr nan Ceathreamhnan McGill 06.jpg

Alex Haken, 2 August 2021

Solo trip up Ben Avon today from Tomintoul. Up here on a family holiday. Blimey - that was a long day just for one Munro!

21-08-02 Ben Avon Haken 03.jpg

Stuart Mckie, 22 August 2021

Davy Gray’s Donald compleation ………Tinto Hill

It was damp, dreich and delightful scooting up Tinto Hill to help Davy celebrate.

Absolutely brilliant to catch up with everyone and to realise that nothing had changed in Cairn Ban. Banter was great with everyone in great spirits.

21-08-22 Tinto Hill McKie 03.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 30 August 2021

It was a last minute decision to head for An Teallach on Friday given the forecast. The mountain didn’t disappoint and even the goats were out in force. Thirty eight years it took me although I never started with any intention of climbing them all. Finished with a swim in Slaggan Bay

21-08-30 An Teallach Bloomfield 03.jpg

Sheena Mckie, 2 September 2021


Up early today and headed up to Ben More and Stob Binnein.

What a fantastic inversion all morning and in sunshine at the summits!

Worth the slog up these two steep hills.

21-09-02 Ben More McKie 03.jpg
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