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Ling Hut - Torridon

John McGill, 27 April 2007

Andy, Doug, Dave, John and Steve headed up to Ling hut in Torridon. Ling hut is situated in Glen Torridon 1km away from Liathach. We arrived as the sun set and in the growing gloom the vast dark bulk of Liathac loomed over us.


In the morning Dave set out to climb the Corbetts Sgur Dubh and Sgorr nan Lochan Uaine. The rest of us tackled Liathach, positioning a car at either end of the walk before starting. Liathach is a vast mountain rising steeply from sea level to over 1000m and the main ridge is over 7km long. We ascended steeply up the path running alongside Allt an Doire Ghairbh. Once reaching the ridge we decided to head to the eastern top, rather than heading west to the Munro summit. With the glorious sunny weather we decided to enjoy walking the entire length of the ridge. We then headed west to the summit of Spidean a Choire Leith, scrambling up through boulders and scree to reach the summit. From our vista we got our first view of the whole ridge, which for over 1km is very narrow and has a series of pinnacles.

We descended steeply through boulders and scree to the ridge between the two Munros. The scramble that awaited us over the Fasarinen pinnacles looked daunting, in reality it proved an easy and enjoyable scramble. Once we had scrambled over the pinnacles we headed along the broad ridge to the next Munro summit, Mullach an Rathain. At the summit we relaxed for a while and enjoyed the fantastic views.

Then came the most unpleasant part of the day, descending about 250m down a dry dusty scree slope, which would have been exceptionally unpleasant in wet weather. Further down we found a stream, where we refilled our water bottles and had a welcome drink.

Once off the hill we headed back to Ling hut, where we met up with Dave and then headed to the pub.

On Sunday: John and Steve climbed Beinn Alligin; Dave and Doug climbed the Corbett Beinn Damh; and Andy stuck to a low level walk due to a 'dodgy' knee. The weather was fantastic again, with great views to be had of the surrounding mountains. We could see Ben Nevis to the south, An Teallach (May weekend target) to the North and over the sea to the Cullin ridge on Skye.

A fantastic weekend, with Dave and Doug commenting they had never seen the sun on previous trips to Torridon and we had been very lucky.