From the Cairn Ban Archives... 

First Snows On The Cobbler

Bob Gardner, 19 November 2006

Club day out, 7 of us ventured out in spite of the forecast. As you will see from the photographs we were on the Cobbler.


Because of the short car journey we arrived nice and early. Once up on the Buttermilk before the climb on to the Cobbler it became apparent that there was a good lot of snow.


Once on the ascent up the face, George did his masterly impression of a snow plough on some very steep slopes. This certainly gave the newer members of the club quite an experience. Me too for that matter.


Ended up coming up just below the top boulder, what a way to get there! Sheltered at the boulder as it was out of the wind.


Did the other top then down the back to contour round to the bealach. Really quite a day out.


Back at the car for 2-ish and as we changed the first of the rain started.


Didn't get any sun but had a good day out.