From the Cairn Ban Archives... 

Cycle Night

George Hamilton, 3 June 2004

The cobwebs were dusted off the trusty steeds last night for the annual Cairn Ban cycle. Bob, Tony, Campbell, David Gray and George all set off from the Scout Hall towards Lochwinoch by way of the cycle track. The track is now totally tarmac'ed so the cycle is pretty easy going. It is also very popular with dog walkers and immediately after joining the track Bob found the biggest turd and proceeded to cycle over it. When we told him, he said that he was glad that he had put on his rain coat; we were only grateful that he had fitted slick tyres on the bike and most of said dog dropping remained on the track.

Into Lochwinoch and up over the Jons Hill towards Kilmacolm. David was pecking a little and moaning about his dislike of cycling, but a couple of other small drags and we had reached the high point of the evening, all downhill to the ‘Pullman’ now for a couple of pints.

Campbell had been showing off his new slimline ultra fashionable, ultra powerful, ultra light Cateye Nuclear Powered LED light. Bob obviously took the fact that he had a more traditional heavy, bulky, unfashionable but practical front light to heart and decided to show us how his patented quick release system worked. Unfortunately he decided to do this on a downhill section to catastrophic consequences: smashed the light, bracket and batteries were strewn over the complete width of the road. Bob stopped and managed to retrieve the batteries and for some reason the broken bracket. Afterwards, while we were enjoying our pints, Campbell decided to rub salt into Bob's wounds and again brought out his light, this time showing us its flashing mode. All Bob could do to retaliate was to tell us how his light had an ultra long lasting bulb, which lasted forever – as long as you stopped it hitting the road, I suppose.

The pints started to give us the munchies, so it was back onto the track, for Johnstone and Sandro's Chippie, where the chips and curry sauce topped off a very pleasant evening.

The only other incident of the evening was when we passed Shug going in the opposite direction. We thought that he had decided to ride in the opposite direction till he met us and then would turn to join us, but after we waiting for a couple of minutes he didn't re-appear so we headed on without him.

A very pleasant evening with good company, good patter and a relaxing pint.