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Douglas' & Billy's Big Plan Wash Out

Doug Collinson, 13 September 2004

Due to last week,s bad weather we (BTF and myself) cancelled our planned trip to Strathfarrar and Cannich in fear that Karl, the whisky pickled boat man, would get us lost on a gale swept Loch Mullardoch.

So, wanting to salvage something from our weekend we opted, last minute, for a quick raid in Glen Lyon, taking in Meall Buidhe and Stuchd an Lochain.

The weather was reminiscent of the last club visit to Strathcarron with monsoon like conditions and similarly, it was to have terminal consequence for my mobile phone. RIP!

On getting back to the car with pants that felt wetter than a haddock's, I considered all the people that ask, ‘why do you go hill walking?’ And after a day like that, I couldn't think of any valid reasons. You can clearly see why they think you’re bonkers, especially when the most satisfying part of the day is putting a tick in a book.