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 Members' reports 2018-19 

In addition to the Club events above, this page shows other ad-hoc outings by members throughout the year,



28 September

30 September

14 October

26 - 28 October

11 November

25 November

1 December

9 December

16 December

23 December


6 January

20 January

3 February

15 - 17 February

15 - 17 March

31 March

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Drinks and summer de-brief

Club Sunday

Club Sunday

Club weekend

Club Sunday

Club Sunday

Christmas Dinner

Club Sunday

Climbing on Sunday

Club Sunday


Club Sunday

Club Sunday

Club Sunday

Club weekend and Burns Supper

Weekend special

Club Sunday

Club Sunday


Club Sunday

Club weekend

Midsummer camp



The Auctioneers, Glasgow

Ben Cruachan

Stob Coire Sgreamhach, Bidean nam Bian, Stob Coire nan Lochan

Torridon: Beinn Dearg, Maol Chean-dearg, Beinn na h-Eaglaise, Beinn Eighe (Coire Mhic Fhearchair, Ruadh Stac Mor), Slioch,  Sgurr nan Each, An Ruadh-mheallan, Meall Mheinnidh.

Ben Challum

Beinn Chabhair

Drygate Brewery, Glasgow

An Caisteal, Beinn a'Chroin 

Snow Factor (Ice wall), Braehaed

Ben Chonzie

Beinn a'Bheithir; Stuchd an Lochain and Meall Buidhe

Glas Maol and Creag Leacach

Beinn a'Chroin

Aviemore: Bynack More; Ben Macdui, Cairn Gorm; Coire an t’Sneachda; Beinn Tharsuinn; Meall a' Bhuachaille

Steall Hut: Sgurr Coinnich Mor, Stob Ban; Three Wise Monkeys, Ice Factor; Somerled's Cave

Creise, Meall a’ Bhuiridh, Clach Leathad

Stuchd an Lochain

Kilbarchan Library

Beinn Achaladair, Beinn a’ Chreachain

Ossian Youth Hostel, Corrour

Neilston Pad

Ben Cruachan , 30 September 2018

Sheena McKie: Club Sunday saw 13 of us out to help Davy Gray complete his 2nd round of Munros on Ben Cruachan. An added bonus for Davy was also his completion of Munro tops on the same day......sensational !
Champers, whisky, shortbread and chocolates up top, and not forgetting a little bourbon supplied by Stas, helped warm the cockles.

An outstanding day, congratulations Davy.


Stuart Young: Davy Gray completed his second round today in what can only be described as a standard day in the Scottish hills, sunshine, cloud, wind, rain, sleet, snow, wind, sunshine and round again. But you know what it was great to be out with a turnout of 13, excellent.

18-09-30 Ben Cruachan Young 02.jpg

Stas Burek, Stob Coire Sgreamhach, 14 October 2018

Iain hadn’t climbed Stob Coire Sgreamhach before, so we set off for Glencoe – Sheena, Stuart, Campbell, Davy G, as well as Iain and myself. After some discussion whether we should go via the Lost Valley, or try to get up on the high ridge of Beinn Fhada, the Lost Valley won out.

Unfortunately, although it wasn’t raining (it didn’t rain all day, in fact), the heavy rainfall of the previous few days meant that the river coming down from the Lost Valley was very much in spate, and was impossible to cross without getting very wet.

So we detoured: first up some steep slopes of fine scree on the right (west) side of the river, which turned into a boulder field. Our route then led through a birch wood, where the boulders became much bigger and covered in three inches of moss – a vibrant green obstacle course in the autumn light!

18-10-14 Stob Coire Sgreamhach McKie 04.
18-10-14 Stob Coire Sgreamhach McKie 03.

We emerged into the Lost Valley by the prominent boulder there, and after a brief stop we carried on up the path towards the headwall. As we got higher, the path became increasingly eroded among the steep rocks, and the last 15 metres was through a six-foot deep gulley worn into the rock by the passage of thousands of feet.

The view into Glen Etive was stunning, as ever, with the sun glinting off the river and wispy low cloud to add interest. We turned left to climb the scree and rocks of the ridge to the summit of Stob Coire Sgreamhach, where we rested, ate some lunch and enjoyed the view.

What next? Go back along the ridge of Beinn Fhada or return the way we came via the Lost Valley? The lure of Bidean nam Bian won the day for most of us, but Campbell decided to go back to the car direct. So, after extracting from him a solemn promise that he wouldn’t drive off back to Glasgow without us, the rest of us headed back down the ridge and up to Bidean, and then across the narrow ridge to Stob Coire nan Lochan.

18-10-14 Stob Coire Sgreamhach McKie 12.

The route down from there to Gearr Aonach was indistinct at first, with big rocks threatening to break an ankle and throw you down to the valley floor five hundred steep metres below.  But we reached the grassy ridge of Gearr Aonach without incident, and ducked down onto the well-engineered path of Coire nan Lochan. Davy, being Davy, led a blistering pace all the way, but even he stopped occasionally to enjoy the views, and the rest of us caught up so that we all managed to get to the car park together.

Campbell, true to his word, was waiting at the car park, having arrived not long before us, and as usual, we finished off with some well-earned refreshment at a local hostelry. By general consensus, yet another brilliant day in the hills.

18-10-14 Stob Coire Sgreamhach McKie 06.
18-10-14 Stob Coire Sgreamhach McKie 07.
18-10-14 Stob Coire Sgreamhach Burek 05.

Stuart Young, Mallorca, 19 October 2018

New tick this week up Puig de Massanella (1,365m) which is the second highest peak on Mallorca. Situated in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. It is the highest peak on the island whose summit is accessible, as its higher neighbour Puig Major has a military-run antenna complex on the summit. Walked up through beautiful woodland, nothing too arduous but fantastic views across the island.

18-10-19 Mallorca Young 03.jpg

Adrian Mowat, Club weekend

Torridon, 26 - 28  October 2018

The panoramic lounge at Torridon youth hostel is as good a place as any to nurse a foot injury. Or so I thought, as I watched my friends venture forth into the snow and wind while I enjoyed a warm cup of tea with a good book at the ready for the relaxing day ahead.  

An hour later, my smug demeanour was binned along with the grotty weather forecast, because the sun was out, the sky was blue and the mountains were capped with a generous cover of early season snow. Clearly the first Cairn Ban weekend of 2018/19 season was going to be a stunner!

18-10-28 Torridon Bloomfield 06.jpg

Six groups went out on the Saturday.  Closest to home, Campbell and Davy took a 'bit of a steep way' up Beinn Dearg, Ania, Catherine and Paul ticked off Maol Chean-dearg and John continued his assault on the Grahams on Beinn na h-Eaglaise with Diane.  A larger group went to Beinn Eighe, Bob and John for the walk into Coire Mhic Fhearchair and Stuart, Sheena and Stuart for the summit of Ruadh Stac Mor.

Meanwhile, further afield, Paul ticked off Slioch for the second time and Stas finally got Munro number 200, Sgurr nan Each, in the bag accompanied by Sue, Christine and Kaz.

I took a less adventurous limp down to the coffee shop in Torridon village for a haggis roll and a cup of coffee.

18-10-28 Torridon Bloomfield 07.jpg
18-10-28 Torridon Burek 03.jpg

Dinner at the Youth Hostel was a very cheerful affair. Many great stories from the day were told, along with the odd wry remark about the follies of trying to predict the Scottish weather and some side splitting reminiscences of years gone by.  Stuart was presented with a surprise early 60th a card from the club (goodness knows how we managed to all sign it without him noticing), a birthday cake and ticket to visit the grandkids in Spain from Sheena. Have great trip guys!


Sunday dawned even brighter and sunnier than Saturday but most people had to (reluctantly) head back to the lowlands.  However, Stuart and Sheena climbed Maol Chean-dearg; Stas, Sue, Christine and Kaz took in the views in Coire Mhic Fhearchair, and John’s round of the Grahams continued on An Ruadh-mheallan with Diane and Catherine and a solo ascent of Meall Mheinnidh on Monday when all the unlucky other people were back at work.

18-10-28 Torridon Young 08.jpg
18-10-28 Torridon Burek 10.jpg
18-10-28 Torridon McGill 09.jpg

All in all, the weekend was a huge success.  We had the usual excellent company and the weather, for once, was on our side.  The facilities at the Youth Hostel were excellent and the staff were top-class.  Thanks to the committee for organising a fabulous weekend and here’s hoping this is the start of another brilliant winter season.

Stas Burek, Ben Challum, 11 November 2018

Just me and Martin on Ben Challum today. Words like 'drowned' and 'rat' come to mind, in close proximity. 🌧️🌧️☔

Positives? 👍 Our Gore-tex jackets got a thorough rain test, and passed, more or less 👍; having spent five hours looking at the inside of a cloud, we're pretty expert in what the inside of a cloud looks like 👍; Martin got to tick off Ben Challum.👍

Negatives? None really! 🙄

🎵 'Always look on the bright side of  life...'  😀

18-11-11 Ben Challum Burek 03.jpg
18-11-25 Beinn Chabhair McKie 05.jpg
18-12-16 Snow Factor Burek 01.jpg

Martin McKinstry, Ben Chonzie, 23 December 2018

Feliz navidad amigos. Took my brother-in-law and the dog up Ben Chonzie. Beautiful day. Sunny and dry but cold. Verglas above 700m, lots of rime at 900m. Not much snow.

18-12-23 Ben Chonzie McKinstry 01.jpg

Iain Kent, Schiehallion, 28 December 2018


Wee trip up Schiehallion today. Very windy up top, but the sun came out and it was a lovely day. Brocken Spectre at the top before heading down and to the Good Food Cafe for Coffee and cake.

18-12-28 Schiehallion Kent 05.jpg
19-01-06 Beinn a'Bheithir McKinstry 01.j

Alex Haken, 6 January 2019


Stuc an Lochan and Meall Buidhe: We bog-trotted up the second one (very wet ground) and we were back to the car about 3.45pm. We even got some views as the cloud lifted on the way down. A great day and two new ones for me. Thanks all. Next time we need to book some snow please...

19-01-06 Stuc an Lochan Young 03.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, Ayrshire Coast

13 January 2019


We went for a walk, some would say a ramble, along part of the Ayrshire Coastal Path from Lendalfoot to Ballantrae and back. The sea was amazing and certainly blew away the cobwebs!

19-01-13 Ayrshire Coast Bloomfield

Alex Haken, 19 January 2019


Aonach Eagach winter traverse today. once we got above the clouds we had a blue sky day all the way!

19-01-19 Aonach Eagach Haken 01.jpg

Start McKie, 20 January 2019


Glas Maol and Creag Leacach. Game of two halves really. Poor vis for the first top then perfect clear sky for the remainder of the day.........chilly right enough !

19-01-20 Creag Leacach McKie 03.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 3 February 2019


A drookit valley walk towards Beinn a'Chroin today. What a difference a day can make. Very wet, very cold and very windy - all the ‘verys’ today!

19-02-03 Beinn a'Chroin Bloomfield

Stas Burek, Club weekend

Aviemore, 15 - 17 February 2019

Most of the usual suspects showed up, together with one or two newer members, for this year’s ‘Burn’s Supper’ weekend at Cairngorm Lodge Youth Hostel in Glenmore, near Aviemore. The weather can be quite fickle, and this year there was no snow to speak of on the hills, despite it being mid-February.

19-02-15 Aviemore McKie 13 Bynack More.j

Friday night saw the usual discussions on where who wanted to go, and on Saturday morning several groups set out:

  • Diane chummed up John to Beinn Tharsuinn on his round of Grahams

  • Jamie went with Campbell, George and others to Ben Macdui and Cairn Gorm, to bag two Munros on his quest

  • Bob and Mary took a gentle stroll up Meall a' Bhuachaille

  • A large group took on Bynack More, after being beaten by the wind on the previous Aviemore weekend 2014

  • Alex and Stuart, plus guest Richard, actually found some ice to climb in Coire an t’Sneachda, despite the odds!

  • Sue and Christine got lost on the way half-mile walk to Glenmore Lodge:

Sue: ‘I’m feeling a bit cold. Let’s head off and wait for everybody at Glenmore Lodge.’

Christine: ‘OK, that’ll warm us up a bit. There’s a big road sign here saying ‘Glenmore Lodge, turn left’.’

Sue: ‘Yeah, I know it’s on the left somewhere, but I’m not really sure exactly where, and we don’t have a map. Let’s ignore the road sign and carry straight on…’

  (Cue: sheepish looks when we all met up in the pub later in the day! There was talk of re-instating a special Horse's Ar$e of the Year Award.)

19-02-15 Aviemore McKie 14.jpg

The committee prepared a huge pot of chilli for the evening, and the evening progressed amiably, if not uproariously, accompanied by the usual generous quantities of beer, wine and other refreshments.

Sunday dawned, and the wind, already strong on the previous day, had strengthened overnight. The general consensus was that it would be unwise, if not dangerous, to venture to the top of a hill, and so put paid to any ambitious plans that anyone might have had. A small group went on the circuit of Loch Morlich to round off the weekend, but most people took an early day and headed home after breakfast.

Thanks to the committee for another great weekend in the hills – the wind in your hair, a laugh and a joke in good company, and the world seems a better place already!

19-02-15 Aviemore Young 09 Coire an t-Sn
19-02-15 Aviemore Wright 05 MacDui.jpg
19-02-15 Aviemore McKie 01 Bynack More.j

Stas Burek, Steall Hut, 15 - 17 March 2019

Two years have passed and once again Cairn Ban return to Steall Hut, but the contrast in the weather couldn’t have been greater.

After gathering in Fort William on Friday evening, the crossing of the wire bridge in the dark was thankfully uneventful. Plans were made for the following day, all ‘weather dependent’.

19-03-17 Steall Hut Bloomfield 06.jpg

When Saturday dawned the weather did, indeed, play a part  – sleet, low cloud and a real avalanche risk. A small group set off for Sgurr Choinnich Mor. However, given that a mix of snow, low-cloud whiteout and steep crags is a recipe for disaster, and mindful of the vertical drop off the summit, the decision was to turn back before reaching the top. Others drove into Fort William, to watch the rugby in a local hostelry or to visit the Three Monkeys climbing wall.

19-03-17 Steall Hut Bloomfield 04.jpg

Saturday evening saw the party re-grouped at the Hut, with the usual party atmosphere – why let a few raindrops spoil the fun?

Sunday morning showed better weather – but not much. Some ventured up Stob Ban (again, missing out on the summit because of the avalanche risk), some took a low-level walk to visit Somerled's (Samuels's) Cave, whilst others visited the climbing wall at the Ice Factor in Kinlochleven.

All in all, a memorable weekend. Not many mountain objectives achieved, but a good time was had nevertheless.

Would we do it again? Definitely!

19-03-17 Steall Hut McKie 03.jpg
19-03-17 Steall Hut Wright 03.jpg
19-03-17 Steall Hut McKie 07.jpg
19-03-31 Creise McKie 15.jpg

Stas Burek, Stucdh an Lochan, 14 April 2019

John McBarron's last Munro. A bitingly cold wind, but a great turnout from John's family, work mates and CBMC.

Iain Kent adds: Well Done John. You’ve now joined the coveted Cairn Ban Hall of Fame. We are all really proud of you.

Alex Kaken adds: Dog and child both asleep before we got to the end of the road and neither woke up until Stirling! Well done John. 

19-04-14 Stucdh an Lochan McKie 10.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 22 April 2019

Spent the Easter weekend away in the Cairngorms making the most of the good forecast.

Climbed Braeriach and Angel’s Peak on Friday and bivvied out at the col. Up in the morning and over Cairn Toul, Devils point, Monadh Mor and Beinn Bhrotain before bivving at Corrour bothy. Then a walk out over Carn a’ Mhain and Ben Macdui.

19-04-22 Cairngorms Bloomfield 03.jpg
Latest reports
19-05-09 Coire an t-Sneachda Kent 02.jpg
19-05-12 Beinn Achaladair McKie 14.jpg
19-05-16 Aonach Eagach Wright 07.jpg

Iain Kent, Loch Ossian, 21 - 23 May 2019

Loch Ossian, a highland oasis only accessible by train or on foot; that was our destination for our May 2019 club weekend. This wasn’t your normal weekend, it was a bit of an adventure and probably the only time I have accessed the mountains by train.


It was a lovely summers evening for our rail journey into the remote location of Corrour and Loch Ossian on the Friday evening. The journey did not disappoint as we travelled between mountains and across Rannoch Moor as the sun set. We disembarked at one of Scotland’s remotest train stations and and started the 30 minute walk to the eco-hostel on the banks of Loch Ossian.

19-05-22 Loch Ossian Gardner 07.jpg

Arriving at the hostel, we were met by the resident stag and the rest of the club. They already had one up on us, having summitted Bein Na Lap earlier that evening in the sunshine. We settled down to a few drams before bed.

19-05-22 Loch Ossian Gardner 10.jpg
19-05-22 Loch Ossian Gardner 08.jpg
19-05-22 Loch Ossian Gardner 09.jpg
19-05-22 Loch Ossian McKie 10.jpg

​Dinner was booked for 5pm at the Station House on Saturday evening so we all started early, with a group of 9 heading for Carn Dearg and Sgor Gaibhre. Catherine headed for Stob Coire Easain and Stob a’ Choire Mheadhoin and 2 others heading up Beinn na Lap. Weather started OK giving views across the landscape and a temperature inversion. As usual the group banter helped us along the way and 22k later we were back at the hostel a bit damp, but ready for our dinner. After Beinn na Lap Bob and Stuart had been collecting passers by and feeding them tea and coffee in the hostel; what a couple of gents.

Dinner was a feast of such size that not much beer was consumed that night. Unlike the 4 wee guys in the restaurant, the “Trainspotting Crew”, who enjoyed the beer just a little too much.

Sunday saw the weather take a turn for the worse, with high winds and heavy rain. 4 of us were dispatched early to Beinn na Lap, returning back at the hostel just after ten, in time to have a wee coffee and a large scone at the Station house before travelling by rail in the rain back to the cars.

What a great unique adventure, of the type that only really be experienced in the wonderful Scottish Highlands. Where are we off to next?

19-05-22 Loch Ossian Gardner 06.jpg
19-05-22 Loch Ossian McKie 14.jpg
19-05-22 Loch Ossian Kent 01.jpg

Iain Kent, 10 June 2019


What a wonderful summers day in the mountains... except in Glen Clova. Yes, I picked the one area in Scotland with monsoon conditions. Started off bright for 1st hour, then 4 hours of wind and rain. Add a wee navigational error and it was an interesting day. Time for 🍺! Oh forgot to say had to drive home in my pants as forgot change of trousers!! 🤭 2 more Munros bagged though.

19-06-10 Corrie Fee Kent 07.jpg

Sheena McKie, 21 June 2019


Completed the Lochnagar circuit of Munro’s in pretty decent weather followed by a climb up Mount Keen on our 38th wedding anniversary yesterday. Dinner and drinks to celebrate then out for a walk today. Nice !

   (How sweet!)

19-06-21 Braemar McKie 10.jpg

Neilston Pad, Summer solstice bivvi, 21 June 2019


Campbell Crombie:  What a good night! Banter was great, and so were the views. Michelin service at Catherine's for breakfast.

19-06-21 Neilston Pad Bloomfield 05.jpg

Alex Haken, 22 June 2019


Morning solo hit of Ben More (Mull). It hasn't rained yet but there's not much of a view!

19-06-22 Ben More Mull Haken 03.jpg

John McGill, 24 June 2019


My penultimate Graham, Pap of Glencoe yesterday afternoon. An invite for my final Graham (Ben Venue) will be out soon.

19-06-24 Pap of Glencoe McGill 01.jpg

Stuart Young, 7 July 2019


Had to break in a new pair of Tracksters so went solo on a couple of new hills today. Ben Oss & Beinn Dubhchraig. Very hot but chilly wind up top with clear views.

19-07-07 Ben Oss Young 01.jpg

Alex Haken, 7 July 2019


Agag's Groove today on the Buachaille with Diane Langley. VD***. Haven't done it for about 20 years so a bit of a blast from the past. Climb the first half of Curved Ridge then 4 pitches on Agag's and then up the top half of Crowberry Ridge. Great day. Photos don't do the exposure justice.

19-07-07 Agags Groove Haken 03.jpg

John McGill, 13 July 2019


Our club trip to the AE ridge morphed into Stuart and me tackling the 3 Newtonmore Munros. Quality day out. I showed Stuart the bothy which isn’t too bad, certainly beats a sheep pen. 😄

19-07-13 Newtonmore McGill 01.jpg

John McGill, Ben Venue, 3 August 2019


A big thanks to all for your support on my completion [of the Grahams]. What a great day, and the non-Cairnban folk said what a great bunch of folks you are.

19-08-03 Ben Venue Prior 05.jpg

Catherine Bloomfield, 13 August 2019


Solo trip up Meall na Teanga and Sron à Choire Ghairbh. I camped at the Bealach and it’s a long time since I’ve carried all my own gear. Too tired to stay awake for the Perseid Shower!

19-08-13 Meall na Teanga Bloomfield 02.j

Martin McKinstry, 24 August 2019


Wee jaunt up Schiehallion. Was worth it just for this quality summit selfie!

19-08-24 Schiehallion McKinstry 01.jpg

John McGill, 4 September 2019


Caught a wee weather window today when out on business. Undoubtedly the ugliest and easiest Munro summits: Cairnwell and Carn Adosa.

19-09-04 Cairnwell McGill 01.jpg
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