Secretary stuff 

The following templates should be copyable and pastable to a word processor, email editor or other text editor. They are also available in editable Word format here (ed: not done yet, but will upload Word documents when the text is agreed).


 Club Sunday template 

Hi all, Sunday (*** enter date ***) is our next Club Sunday.  


Our usual arrangements apply. There are two meeting points:-


Car Park opposite the Kilbarchan Scout Hall, Barn Green. Kilbarchan. PA10 2HG.


Starbucks (previously known as Little Chef)/ Services/ Tourist Information on northbound A82 at Milton before Dumbarton 7.30am,674227&st=4&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=242873&ay=674227


Please contact Bob Gardner (01505 705179) or Campbell Crombie (01505 702499) to confirm attendance before 7pm on Saturday night.


 Club weekend template 

Club Weekend Announcement


(Insert venue)


(insert date)



The cost will be (insert cost) per person for the weekend.


We have provisionally reserved *** spaces at the hostel / We have booked the whole hostel/bunkhouse and there are *** spaces available. Please let the Club Secretary know by (enter date) if you want to attend.


Full payment is due by (enter date)


Please note that by indicating your intended attendance, you are effectively asking for a bed to be reserved for you, and as such, you are committing the Club to expenditure on your behalf. Therefore you are expected to pay, even if you eventually don’t come, unless the club can cancel your reservation with the hostel or if someone else is found to take your place.



 Other event template 

(Insert event)


(Insert venue)


(insert date)



The Club is holding the annual Christmas Curry Night / Midsummer Bike Ride / (insert other event). All are welcome.


The cost will be (insert cost) per person.


Please contact (insert contact person) to make your reservation / tell us if you will be there. This was an immensely popular and successful event last year, and we're sure that you will enjoy it.




 New member welcome email template 

Hi (insert name),



Thanks for your interest in Cairn Ban Mountaineering club. You have probably seen our website at



Cairn Ban Mountaineering club was set up primarily as a winter Mountaineering club, and we have fortnightly meets from October through to May. However, saying this, more and more of our members are continuing their enjoyment of the Scottish mountains through the summer months and organise events throughout the whole year.



For our regular winter meets, we make contact on a Saturday, confirming our intention to go out on the Sunday. We have two meeting points, the first at Kilbarchan at 7am and the second at Starbucks, Dumbarton Road in Milton (next to the Esso petrol station) at 7.30am. From here we decide which hills we’re going to climb taking into consideration weather conditions, members' wishes and the experience of those attending. We don’t use any hired transport, but instead we opt to use our own cars, sharing as best as possible. It’s expected that everyone is willing to take their turn at driving. At the end of the day we split the cost of fuel between all those attending, generally over a coffee or a pint.



We have three organised weekend trips a year: in October, February and at the end of the winter season in May. There are also social events throughout the year, and from time to time somebody organises an overseas expedition.



Cairn Ban do not offer guided walks - it is understood that members are expected to be responsible for their own safety and wellbeing, and everyone should understand the risks involved when heading into the Scottish Mountains especially in winter. Anyone going out in the hills should be suitably equipped for the conditions - we offer a kit list on our website at!kit-list/c121r. Unfortunately, we are not able to take children and minors under 18 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who accepts responsibility for your wellbeing.



You should also note that Cairn Ban members are not qualified to instruct in the use of ice axe, crampons and other equipment, but most members are willing to pass on their knowledge and experience in an informal and friendly manner. I would also draw your attention to the disclaimer on our website at!disclaimer/c5x7.



Despite these legalistic caveats, I’ve always felt the members of Cairn Ban to be genuinely friendly and welcoming, especially to new members, and I’m sure if you decided to come along, you’d feel the same. If you do decide to come along on one of our Sunday walks, drop me a line and I’ll send out further details.



I thinks that covers everything for now, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 



Kind Regards