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Kilbarchan Library

Ben Challum

Ledr House, North Wales

Ben Alder

Goat Fell, Arran (John McGill's last Corbett)

Meall Corranaich and Meall a'Choire Leith

Ullapool: Sgurr Breac and A' Chailleach, Suilven

Snow Factor, Braehead (ice wall); Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena (EICA), Ratho

Meall Greigh and Meall Garbh

Koh-i-Noor, Glasgow

Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena (EICA), Ratho



Meall Ghaordie

Tarmachan Ridge

Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena, Ratho

Invergarry: Ben Nevis, Sron a Choire Ghairbh, Ben Tee

Cairngorms (snow-holing)

Glas Tullaichean and Carn an Righ

Beinn Dorain and Beinn an Dothaidh.

Kilbarchan Library


 Members' reports 

Sheena McKie, 10 May 2015


Just back from a great weekend in North Wales with the gang. The weather was not too kind but did not prevent us getting out onto the hills. A group of us headed up to Snowdon splitting into two groups one going up via the pyg track and the other 9 via Crib Goch which was an amazing experience very windy, wet and overcast. We were unable to capture any photos. The crowds at the summit were unbelievable! 

The injured in the club Stuart, Bob, Lorimer and Diane met us at the top coming up by the train and then decided to walk down via the miners path.
Iain, Catherine, Laura, John and Paul went on to complete the horseshoe. 
The sun decided to come out on the way down and let us see what we had missed earlier in the day. It was great to see Stuart, Bob and Lorimer out again.

Sheena McKie, 24 May 2015


Ben Alder, Beinn Bheoil


Cycled in to Culra with John McGill and Stuart Young, and Stuart McKie cycling in as far as Ben Alder Lodge (and back out later to meet us). Changeable weather but very cold up top. (Few pictures as my camera batteries were frozen ! )Great place to be though. Great company, and a great cycle to boot !!

John McGill, 6 June 2015


My Corbett compleation today on Goat Fell. Not too bad a day, a bit blowy on top, but not too wet. With Clare, David, Neill Woods & Andy Ross. Hopefully last ferry will run!

Stuart McKie, 20 July 2015




Long awaited comeback on a leisurely trip to Seana Bhraigh ! Drove up the road from The Oykel Hotel and left the car at the bothy at Duag Bridge. Good decision, midges were horrendous and a wee change of clothing inside was very welcomed at the end of the day.

Cycle in was pretty good on a fairly rugged path. Unfortunately the weather changed rapidly and a biblical flood continued for the rest of the day. (Thus just a few snaps) Uneventful climb in zero visibility arriving at the summit cairn, the inside of which resembled more an outside swimming pool !!Return journey was one of those epic journeys you occasionally get on the hill. The Corriemulzie river had burst its banks at various places and was thigh deep when crossing (not easy with a bike or with Sheena's short legs) The track, which was easily passable on the way in, was very difficult on the return leg but it was actually good fun, especially as staying dry had long stopped being a worry. Finished the trip with a stroll on Dornoch beach today.

Have to say I was, and am, totally gubbed but what a great adventure we had on my return !

Stuart McKie, 20 September 2015

Rehab continues with a cunning plan to finish off our Glen Dessary hills. Decided to wild camp on the ridge after climbing Sgurr Na Ciche and Garb Chioch Mor first. Unfortunately the combination of gubbed leg and heavy rucksack resulted in topping out on Sgurr Na Ciche in a depressingly slow six hours ! Managed to get the tent up just as the heavens opened and a hoolie started blowing. An enjoyable night under the !


Next morning things had brightened up a fair bit and we made our way up Sgurr Nan Coireachan and then onto Sgurr Mor after leaving our sacks at the bealach. Picked up the stalkers path and began the death march back to the car. God it was a long walk out !!!


Got back to the car park chin strapped. Maybe bit off a bit more than we should have. Thank goodness Sheena is patient.Obviously not ready yet for big single days but happy to report my leg and ankle held up well.

Paul Prior, 28 September 2015


Some pictures from my August 2015 trip to Monte Rosa based out of Zermatt when a small group of us spent a week climbing Castor, Pollux then the big one Dufourspitze - top peak in Switzerland. Great week with good company and superb guides. We were very lucky with the weather too!

John McGill, 11 October 2015


First Club Sunday of the new season. A gentle stroll up Meall Corranaich and Meall a Choire Leith from the Lawers road. Good day out with two new members Martin and Alan. Also Thomas, David, George and Stas.

Club weekend, Ullapool, 23-25 October 2015


Despite the ‘less-than-favourable’ weather forecast, club stalwarts and newbies made the journey north for the weekend. Saturday saw a mix of rain, snow, wind, hail and sunshine – in other words, a normal day in the Scottish hills, with rainbows to brighten up the mood. Destinations included Sgurr Breac, A' Chailleach, Suilven, the bone caves at Inchnadamph, Sheneval and the Ullapool Beer Festival (featuring Jim the Magician).


After Saturday’s exertions, Sunday was a bit more sedate. In particular, those who attended the Beer Festival were afflicted by a strange case of morning sickness, lethargy and mild amnesia! A stroll round Corrieshalloch Gorge was the destination of choice for several folk, with the 'Ugly Corrie' showing glorious autumn colours contrary to its name, and some did a circuit round Loch Morlich on the way home.


Another good weekend!

Stas Burek,  10 January 2016


A good day to Meall Ghaordaidh. A good crowd of eight, despite the weather forecast. A few minutes of light rain when we were setting out, and a few minutes when we got back. No sun, but good visibility and no wind either, and enough lying snow (not too much) to make it interesting. It was a shock to come back to torrential rain and flooded roads in Glasgow!

Antje Haut,  24 January 2016


Last weekend 9 of us met and we decided to go towards Gallin. But we couldn't get there since the road past Killin accross to it said "road closed". Was there something wrong or a landslide? Well we found something else blocking it. What the ...? So we went up the Tarmachan instead!

Club weekend, Invergarry, 19-21 February 2016


The Saddle Mountain Hostel at Invergarry was this year’s venue for the February weekend and Burns Supper extravaganza.


The weather forecasts, like most of this year's winter, was pretty atrocious. Despite, this, or perhaps because of it, the hostel was filled to the brim, and Saturday’s weather was true to form: wind, rain and snow on high. Nevertheless, everyone braved the elements and made some sort of outing, according to state of convalescence, fitness and ability (except Stas, with his leg in plaster as a result of a recent mishap at the climbing wall!). Summits were achieved, and even those that didn’t get to the top came back with a sense of accomplishment. Three hardy souls (Alex H., Stuart Y. and Paul V.) even climbed an ice route on Ben Nevis!


Saturday evening was time for the Burns Supper. The dress code was ‘Summer’, and the highlight was seeing everybody come in dressed for the occasion: matching shirts and shorts from, the David Livingstone African explorer outfit, the multi-coloured poncho, the Hawaiian grass skirt… all quite outrageous and rather surreal for a Burns Supper! The food flowed freely and the drink was excellent, and nobody remembers too much after Iain’s hosting of the Quiz Night, but some impromptu dancing followed until the early hours.


On Sunday the weather deteriorated even more. A few hardy souls decided to get their kayaks on the water, on the basis that they’d get wet anyway so the rain didn’t make much difference. Most, however, decided to wend their way back home for a well-earned rest and recovery from the weekend’s exertions. All in all, another in a long tradition of memorable CB weekends.

Snow-holing, Cairngorms, 5-6 March 2016


John McGill writes:Since I first heard about snow holing I have always wanted to try it. Would our trip really happen? With the terrible weather I wasn't too hopeful. As the date approached excitement levels grew as it became clear that the weather would be OK.

Martin picked me up at 6.15, followed by Laura, and we were off up the road. The full team met up at Corrie Cas car park at 10am. Our packs were heavy and we decided to walk up the road to the Ptarmigan restaurant. A quick break for a hot drink and some soup. Then we were off to the head of a stream in a corrie just south of Cnap Coire na Spridhe.

Now the real hard work started. I'd watched Ray Mear's video on how to make a snow hole. He makes it look easy: it isn't! We start digging into the bank, forming a tunnel. Next we dig out two sleeping platforms either side. All the snow needs to be moved out behind the trench start or to the side of the trench. A mere 5 hours later a snow hole was finished. This was the most manual labour I'd done in 20 years and I was knackered! By the end of our labours we found that despite generating a lot of heat that several pieces of clothing were frozen. For me it was my gloves, trousers and jacket hood

The first thing to say about snow holes is that moving about is awkward. Getting in and out of your sleeping bag in a bivi bag on the sleeping platform is an art form. It would be fair to say that sleeping on a slab of snow is not the most comfortable experience. Having said that, it wasn't too cold. I was wearing trousers, T-shirt, fleece and balaclava, inside a -7C comfort rating down bag, silk liner in a Goretex bivi bag on a four season Thermarest.


After some terrible banter and whisky we were asleep by 9pm. Unfortunately I needed two pee breaks; fortunately it wasn't too wild when I ventured out! Sliding off the platform directly into your boots is tricky, but I was better on the second attempt.

Next morning we were up about 7 am for a spot of breakfast. First thing was to get my feet into my frozen boots, a real squeeze. We packed up and headed off up Cairngorm. Gradually the weather deteriorated as we got higher and it was bitterly cold on top.


We headed off the summit to the Ptarmigan for a well-earned hot chocolate, then down the Sron an Aonaich ridge as the views opened up when we dropped out of the cloud.

Will I rush out to do it again next weekend? No! I very much suspect this will be a first and last time for me. Would I recommend it as a trip to others? Yes!

Read more of John's report and view his photos here.

John McGill, 20 March 2016


Glas Tullaichean & Carn an Righ today. David, Laura, Martin & I. Long walk for this time of year. Nice coffee at Dalmunzie House hotel before heading home.

Stuart McKie, 26 March 2016


Fisherfield washed out, undeterred we headed up to Ballater on Friday for a jaunt around Lochnagar. Climbed Cac Carn Beag then finished off with some fun bouldering on Meikle Pap. Lovely sunshine but baltic with strong winds. Even managed to roll our Easter eggs.