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 Member Zone 

This page is for members' stuff, and not for the general public. If there are things that you would like to see here, please contact the webmaster with your suggestions.


 AGM minutes 



 Member benefits 

Apart from being able to enjoy the company of some of the most wonderful and experienced walkers, climbers and mountaineers in the world(!), and having access to the most scinitllating chat on the club Facebook page, CBMC members have access to other benefits:


  • Cotswold Outdoor offers discounts to members. This is normally 15% on full-priced goodsonly - i.e., you won't get a discount on goods that are already discounted in a sale, for example.


The club discount code is AF-CBMC-G5, and is valid for all Cotswold stores nationwide. In practice, I have found that if you ask for a club discount and give them Cairn Ban (you might have to spell it!), they will give you the discount.


The code should be valid for on-line purchases as well.




See the MCofS website for more details. Note that some of these offers might be available to MCofS individual members, rather than club-affiliated members. Try it and find out! (and let me know).



  • Tiso reportedly offers a free Outdoor Exprience discount card to MCofS members, though this isn't on the MCofS website. The card gives 10% discount on most things in-store and on-line. From time to time Tiso also offers a card with certain purchases as well.



  • British Mountaineering Council. The BMC offers specialist insurance services for members and afficlaited members - including MCofS members. Beware, however: there are a lot of blogs and forum posts b y people who are unhappy with the BMC insurance offerings - you should check that the insurance meets your requirements, and you are advised to check out policies from alternative providers too.


 MCofS advice 

Mountaineering Scotland has circulated all clubs with various bits of advice on a range of matters. Probably the three most important items are:


  • Children and minors under 18 years old. There is a whole raft of legislation which means that if you take an under-18 on the hill, you have a special duty of care towards that person, never mind any possible accusations of 'inappropriate behaviour'. The advice is that a child or minor should accompanied either by a parent or by a responsible adult with a parent's written permission. As a club, we have no constitutional objection to under-18's, but the advice is that we should only allow under-18's on our events if accompanied by a parent. The full MCofS advice is available here, and extends to vulnerable adults as well.


  • Instruction. The MCofS advice is that you should not offer instruction in, for example, the right use of equipment, unless you are qualified to do so, much less demand payment for it. This opens you up to potential claims for negligence, and so on. However, in the spirit of freely passing on knowledge, you may offer advice and share the benefit of your knowledge and experience, but NEVER call it instruction


  • Leadership. In the same vein, do not call yourself an event leader (for example, on Club Sundays). This implies that you are taking on a particular responsibility for the event, and open yourself up to potential claims for negligence. Better to call yourself (if anything) an event organiser or coordinator, which doesn't have the same connotations of responsibility on the hill. 


In practice, given the way that CBMC operates, these have rarely been issues for us (if ever), but it's worth bearing in mind, especially if we get any new and inexperienced members coming to our events. The full guidance on Risk Assessment, Safety and Liability for clubs is available here and here.


 Members' details 

There are increasing reports of all sorts of websites and servers being hacked, and after some consideration, we have decided not to publish member's details here, for 'privacy' reasons.


However, consider the scenario:


I'm out walking with a couple of new members, and I take a tumble and Mountain Rescue are called. The mountain rescue ask my name. To the new guys I'm a guy called George, I picked them both up in Kilbarchan... but that's as much as they know. Things turn worse when the MR ask for my address or next of kin. It's a scenario that we all hope never happens.

OK, we all know George, but what else do we know about not only me but any of the members? That's why a few years back we created a list of emergency contacts. However, this goes out of date as people move, change phone numers and email adresses, and so on. We try to publish a new list annually, about May when subs have been paid, so please check your details on the latest members' list and let the Club Secretary know of any changes required.


We're not suggesting that we carry this all the time when we go walking, but if we've got a few other members' numbers on our phones and we have a copy of the list at home, we would always be able to phone someone who could look any details up for us.


This means that we should also get any new members' details from them when they come out with us, just in case...